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(title related) Trying so desperately not to write these characters in a romantic relationship and yet all their feelings about each other are typically reserved for romantic pairings.
No seriously they are not lovers but pretty much the only reason they're not is because I say they're not?
Well, I really think that it's more of a matter of how our media portrays things normally. All these things are "reserved" for lovers so much that it is very hard to see friends feeling this way about each other. Maybe I'm just not articulating things well right now.

But other than the feelings the characters have, I only have the barest shreds of plot and vague characterization (other than the feelings).

The two songs that create large inspiration for this story are:
Love To The Stars - Breeze v. UFO & Lost Witness
Clarity - Zedd ft. Foxes

So that doesn't help with the fact that they're not an actual couple.

It bothers me when I have all these characters' feelings but not enough of a story to do anything about them yet. Maybe the remedy for that is just to start writing something and see how it works out. But I'm just not sure I'm prepared enough for even that yet.

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Going through a giiiiant period of character obsession right now.
Once again, characters from one of my oldest stories (Coming into fruition when I was around the age of 10/in the 5th grade).
Anyway, it has grown a lot since then, and so has the universe around it.
This recent bout has been brought on by the band Fun. I am utterly useless and want to do nothing but lay around and listen to their music.

I guess what I'm really thinking is, if their music can make me feel so much about my own characters, then I want to be able to write these characters (when the story reaches its final incarnation), in a way that will inspire whoever reads it to feel about them just as deeply as I do. It's actually painful to me to think of some things about them, and I know I've felt that way about other creator's characters too, so I hope one day I'll be able to write just as well and as effectively.

I was accepted into another anthology, though editing is going slowly. This is partially due to my character melancholy, but also because this new editor is a little bit harsh. It's made the worse by the fact that this is a very personal story. I'm trying to be mature about the suggested edits and look at things objectively (it helps that I can rant to other people about how unfair said edits are, rather than sending in ill-planned letters to the editor :P)

Sometimes I wonder if when I get all these thoughts and stories and characters out of my head and sufficiently down on paper, if they'll stop doing things like this to me. But I don't really think that will happen.

Also I have developed an obsession with Nate Ruess's face.
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I keep listening to music from when I was in grade 8-ish and it makes me want to write about my characters from that time, even though I can't since they're roleplay character. I mean, I could always write out their backstories and stuff. But so much exciting stuff happened when they were in the roleplayyy~

Tonight if I am good, I will maybe finish the ears for my Xweetok costume.
But am I good...?

Went to the doctor's with my Baguette today. She apparently has a B12 deficiency and I'm reading up on it on Wikipedia and freaking myself out. Probably not a good idea ^_^''

It seems that I've got a very busy week, and Anime North seems to be flying up toward me at an alarming pace. I need to pack, and go shopping for supplies, and obviously I need to finish my costumes. AAAH.
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Seriously, I was thinking about this the other night and it kept me up until like 3am.
Trying to figure out the sexual/romantic orientations of my characters. There are SO MANY. I feel incredibly lame for even doing this, but since it kept me up so late thinking about it, I might as well right it down...

Roleplay Characters )

Actually, I think I AM going to sleep now, because just from the roleplay there are so many characters (though I probably even left some out, it's been a while). Other universes will have to wait for other days.
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The Altador cup has started! GOOOO SHENKUU!!
I'm super excited for it, I'm even going to make my own team shirt (or two, haha). The Techo Superfan has a pretty unclass one that I might just have to make.
Unfortunately, it falls on the same weekend as Anime North! Thus there will be 4 days that I CAN'T PLAY. But I won't be able to worry about it because I'll be at Anime North TOMORROW.
My costume is all done, just finishing up with packing. Have to go out and get some money too.
My goal is to be Rank 1 in the AC before I leave.

I started an RP with Cassy using some old characters of mine, and now I just keep thinking about them all the time. Taqu would like to inform me that I am NOT allowed to picture him and Katume doing some fairly embarrassing dancing to Baby by Justin Bieber, but I don't think I can stop NOW.


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