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Today I woke up with Linkin Park in my head, so that's all I'm listening to apparently.

I had a strange dream where I dunno... I had a babysitter who was Pocahontas but she got accidentally killed and I had to bury her in my mom's basement, but then because she had died I had to move back in with my mom? (I'm 22 :/) Then my mom took us "out for dinner" to McDonalds, but they were closing soon so the only thing they had left was a steak sandwich which would be really gross coming from McDonalds so I told my mom I would just eat when I got home, and she got really pissed off (how surprising). That's all I remember, other than a part which took place on a roller coaster.

My book came in the mail yesterday and I'm really starting to worry that all my stories are terrible and now two of them are actually published and being inflicted on the world and it is really worrying. That's why I can't let myself read them when I get my copies of the books, because if I SEE them and they suck, then I'll know just how much of my idiocy is out there for the world to see. There are a lot of other really good stories in those anthologies! How will I ever cope when I eventually get a novel published?

I've done absolutely nothing this week, and it feels weird. I should be working on costumes for any of the 4 or 5 cons I'm going to next year. Only I don't have all the materials I need for that yet... or at least not for the parts of the costume I WANT to make. And my costume for the winter cons... I dunno what I'm gonna do about that. I'm cosplaying a genderbend of Abbey Bominable, but I'm trying to decide if I should buy a whole bunch of kids costumes and sew the costume from that (insanely expensive) or if I should paint my own fabric. Then there's the whole problem of finding tights and stuff. Gaaaah. So many things I can't really make on my own for that costume. (And I just spent like an hour looking for certain things to buy... another problem with this costume). Anyway yes, unproductiveness!

I go away on the 25th to BC to see FUN.! my favourite band ever <3 (no seriously) (I have to look at their faces every day)

This has been a pretty pointless entry, but I wanted to post something cause I haven't posted in so long.

Hrm hrm

May. 21st, 2012 10:49 pm
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I don't even know what to title things these days, lol.

Busy weekend.
Friday we picked up some plants for our garden. We got yellow zucchini, cucumber, a second strawberry plant, four cherry tomatoes and four beefsteak tomatoes. A yellow/green bean plant, and four cayenne pepper plants. I don't like tomatoes so I'm not going to be eating them, but we always get some because they're one of the easiest things to grow (guaranteed to have a crop), and my dad and friends will eat them. We've never had that much success with peppers, but I wanted to get something a little different from what we normally have. OH, and we also got a mint plant that I put in the side garden. I grew up with a house that had at least 10 different kinds of mint growing in every garden, and I've been missing having it around to snack on. It should spread pretty quickly.
If only my Baguette wasn't allergic to mint >_<

Saturday we painted the deck, which actually went much quicker than I thought it would. I guess in the past years we were using brushes but this year we had paint rollers on long sticks. I always forget how much it has faded until I see what the paint looks like fresh ^^'. We also started draining the pool cover.

Sunday my Baguette came over and we worked on her Kitty Softpaws cosplay. She chipped away at carving the sword and I attached the fluffy white tip to her tail. The sword took a while to carve ^^'
We checked out the maple trees that I'd transplanted from my yard, but they were pretty far gone...I guess transferring them from mostly shade to full sun just as things start getting super warm...not such a good idea! Still, I guess they had a better chance being planted rather than just being composted from my garden.

Today is a holiday so my dad was home. The pool cover had drained so we spent the morning trying to haul it off the pool (it actually took a little over an hour!). It looks like there's no water, but when you gather it all to the side there's actually a lot. It was mostly a matter of lifting it a little, letting the pump drain out what water it could, then lifting again, etc. All the debris that was in it smelled disgusting though.
Then we laid in on the driveway/front lawn and I got to power wash it (I love to power wash!). We'd never done it that way before but it worked very well.
Tonight I finished up painting the sword, and I think that it looks good.

I've been spending most of the day playing pokemon too...XD it's Pokemon Gold, and I've had it for years. Right now I'm stuck on the Olivine City gym. For some reason in video games my people/pokemon are always ridiculously underlevelled.
It's sort of annoying how things turn from day to night in Gold...cause I often have time to play at night, but then I miss out on the day pokemon. Plus not being able to play with a lighted screen is annoying >_< I wish my DS would play Gameboy Colour games.

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So a couple weeks ago I applied for university. If I get in I'd be going for a BA (majoring in Classical Studies and a minor in Applied Language Studies). But apparently my dad is pissed off that I'm even going to go to school. You know, most parents would be happy that their kids wanted to go to university, but hes just mad. Apparently learning languages is so useless it doesn't even count as something productive. He thinks I should just go out and get a job instead. As if I want to be making minimum wage all my life? But he seems to think you can just go out and get a high-paying job with benefits without even having any qualifications.
And for some reason he thinks I'm only going to school so that I won't have to get a job? Yeah, cause I want to spent 5000+ dollars JUST so I won't have to get a job? It's not like I want to stay here living with him forever.
Anyway, I don't even know if I'm gonna get in. If I do he'll probably be even more angry.

In other news, I wrote a story for the upcoming asexual romance anthology, and I got accepted in! I know there's been a lot of controversy around the cover of the anthology, and I don't think it's a good choice either, but I'm still happy about getting in. I really like my story, and the anthology gave me a reason to write it, and I'm also getting paid (better than writing it and not getting paid, lol). I'm excited for the book to come out.

I'm so very close to being done my Xweetok costume! The hardest thing I have left to do is try to figure out my new ear design. Hopefully it'll work. The ears I have right now are on a headband and fall over top of my ears, but my ears themselves push them out so they don't lay flat against my head. My new design would hopefully have my ears slip inside of the foam ears, and they'd just stay on like that. But I'm not entirely sure how to work that out.

Anime north is SO CLOSE.

And I found some anime box sets for sale on RightStuf, they arrived yesterday. I got Strawberry Panic, The Soultaker, and Mirage of Blaze (a present for my Baguette!). They were all around 13-15$ each which is a really great price for an entire series.

It's going to be a busy month, but I'm so excited for Anime North.
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It's been sooort of a busy weekend.

Friday I went cosplay shopping with my chums. I woke up at 9 am, left at 9:30ish? And got home around 9 pm. So tired that night @_@
First we stopped by the dollar store, got some flip-flops for my (terrifying) drag performance that's coming up. Also got some rolls of foam. They're 30cm x 186cm (or something close to that). Anyway, LOTS of foam! Then we popped by the pet store to see the kitties. There was one named Katniss! and I tried to find a collar for my kitty but couldn't decide.
Then to the party store, which didn't have any bowties or frogs for my frog bag. It's so weird because usually they have sooo much stuff.
After that, we went to Fabricland and I bought some crinoline, yellow dye and dye remover. Later on I decided not to use the dye remover, loool. We went to the Goodwill store and I didn't find anything but some of the others did. My friend Mel ended up buying back a pair of pants she had donated...lol!
We ate some food, then went downtown so Luke could get some concert tickets. Went to Out of the Past (sort of vintage/punk store), and I found a bowtie just like what I need for my costume. Mel and my brother were ogling some goggles, but only Mel bought some. I also checked out their tights and tried to decide what to wear for Atomic Lollipop.
From there, we took the bus up to Queen of Hearts costumes because Mel needed to buy a wig for her Flareon costume. The people there are so nice, and we chatted with the lady who runs it. Showed her pictures of our Anime North costumes from last year, and she was very enthused. Then she showed us the new wig supplier they're planning to get, and all the pretty colours their wigs come in *swoon*
From there we walked to the University, and then to the craft store. I bought two bags of stuffing, for my tail.
THEN we bussed back downtown and went to Len's Mills, where I got some more yellow dye, a clip for my tail, some belts to attach tails to, and some other small things.
After I got home, me and my sister went to see The Hunger Games movie. I'm not sure I like how they handled it. It wasn't a bad movie, but I think they made some severe mistakes.

Saturday morning-ish I stuffed my tail. I only needed half a bag of stuffing! So crazy >_< and I attached it to the belt, and sewed the clip on so I can clip it up off the ground.
Then in the afternoon my Baguette came over and we worked on her cosplay stuff. Made her a longer tail for her Kitty Softpaws costume, and then created an entire shirt for her to wear at the AN rave and to Apop. It was made from all these bits and pieces of fabric, but it came together better than I thought it would. A lot of pinning it while it was on her actual body, lol!
That was sooo much work, so after she left I was mostly just lazy.

Today I was also pretty lazy...didn't do much, played the sims mostly. But I've been getting a little more active on Deviantart again, since my Baguette made an account. So I put up some pictures.

This week I've got a lot of cosplay stuff to do, as well as aforementioned terrifying drag show. I also need to call the university and inquire about what courses they offer, which is also going to be fairly frightening.

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I feel like updating this but I don't think I really have anything to say, so maybe I think I'll just leave this window open and keep writing as stuff is happening.

I've got sort of a roleplay/mutual story going on with my baguette which sort of stalled around NaNoWriMo because it's not like I could write more words in a day than I absolutely HAD to. But then after that I never picked it back up because I am terrible. I told her that today I would continue it, so I guess I should, but I'm all *shies away from writing*. I guess that I've got until she comes home from school to write it though, so I can waste time with other things until then.

Last night at 1:30am I started doing a 100 piece My Little Pony puzzle. I finished it, though sadly it was missing 3 pieces so it wasn't quite as satisfying. I'm not sure why I'm in a puzzle mood. But all my puzzle boxes downstairs sound suspiciously light so I worry they're missing all their pieces.

I really should be cleaning my room. I started it earlier in the week but now it is a terrible mess. Not as bad as before the fire, of course, but still a terrible mess even by my standards. I should ALSO be working on my costume, and of course the writing. So many things I should be doing but I am not. Story of my life right?
I'm trying to work on filling up my sketchbook and doing some Art Journalling. Because I think sketchbooks like that are really cool, and I think it's also important to keep myself creating things. I don't know what I will do once my sketchbook is full, because it's one I got from the school and I'm not sure if other places carry them. It's bound like a book, with a hard black cover. I have one that is plain and one that I've stenciled the Himmel symbol onto the front of (in silver).

I'm sort of drawing pictures of chestnut trees. Which is, in a way, related to that story I'm supposed to be writing. So this is relevant work.

Painted those pictures in a bit of watercolour, but it's bothersome...I'm doing this on the back of a page that is painted black on one side. Since the watercolour soaks the paper, all it looks like is black, so I've no way to tell if my colours are working out until they dry. Eh. It's experimental anyway.Last night I had tried one of those paintings where you colour with white wax and then do a wash over it. So that just adds another dimension of strangeness to that page.

I have suuuuuch a headache. Uhg. I guess that's what I get for being up til 4am?

Ever read so much that suddenly everything you have to read seems unappealing? I read the first two Hunger Games books in maybe a week? But now I'm all overflowing with reading and I don't feel like picking up Mockingjay just yet. I'm also reading like 1000 other things but I don't feel like reading those either. I might read the ebook I'm working my way through...the Simon & Shuester PulseIt site gives you the option of 4 free ebooks every month. But you only get a set amount of time to read them. This month 2 of them actually look good, so I want to try to get both of them finished. I'm almost 2 thirds of the way through Unwound by Neal Shusterman. It's actually really good...but again I'm all put-off by reading suddenly.

I'm going cosplay shopping tomorrow FINALLY. Anime North is so close and I feel like I have nothing done. It doesn't help that a major piece of my costume is being made by someone else. I'm having a friend's mother knit a sweatervest for me, cause I couldn't find the right one anywhere. But now I feel like that part of the costume is missing.
I need to get the last few things for my Jolteon costume as well as some foam to stuff my Xweetok tail with. That should be interesting. I made a list of things I need to get but it seems like I forgot something (even though I couldn't possibly have).

I think I'm gonna end this journal now cause it's already long and basically is just rambling.
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Today is a t.A.T.u. day, apparently. Sometimes there's just days where I wake up with a certain song in my head.

I'm really, really excited about Anime North, and I think there's only like one of my friends who isn't annoyed by me ranting about it constantly XP I'm also super excited for Atomic Lollipop, and tickets go on sale tomorrow! There's a special breakfast on saturday morning for the first 150 people to register. So I guess I am staying up late!!

I really want to work on my cosplays, but there's not really...anything I can do for the time being. For the parts I still need to finish, I have to go out and get some stuff. I guess I could always hand-sew the last little bit of hem on my vest for the Jolteon costume...but that's not the FUN kind of working on cosplays. Also I'm getting a friend's mother to knit a sweatervest for my Neopet costume, and I'm soooo paranoid that it won't be done on time, but I don't wanna keep texting her in case she gets annoyed by me...maybe I'll wait a week before texting again.

I started playing Final Fantasy X on the weekend (Friday maybe?) and I'm so obsessed with it. I really like all of the characters. I'm stuck at a hard boss right now though >_< (well, all of the bosses have been hard lately).

I reeeeally want to read Hunger Games, cause I really want to see the movie, lol. Hopefully my sister will remember to bring them over when she comes to visit on wednesday night. At least the first one! They sound really good.
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I've been listening to All Day Long by Keith Harkin all day long...or rather, all DAYS long because I started on saturday and I haven't stopped. I love Keith Harkin. Like, actually.
Last night I actually read some Celtic Thunder fanfiction which was fairly enjoyable. They were a swat team that went after people who plagiarised fanfics. I can't believe how lame I am.
Ok, I totally didn't mean to make this post about Keith Harkin/Celtic Thunder. Totally.

The weather here got super warm suddenly, and it seems like it's only gonna keep getting warmer. Wednesday is supposed to be 27 degrees (celsius) which is warmer than a lot of summer days usually are. On friday I went with my baguette for a walk/hike/exploration in the woods/around the creek. I'd never been to that particular part of the woods, so it was awesome to explore so much. There was a sort of canal that branched off from the main creek and cut through the forest to loop around again and come out farther downstream. But the water level wasn't high enough upstream, so the landlocked parts of it were really stagnant and full of algae.

It's such nice cosplay weather! And Anime North is so soon. I did a fair amount on my costume today, I think. Starting on tuesday, I began bleaching a pair of dark blue jeans, hoping to get them white so that I could dye them yellow to match my Jolteon vest. They ended up bleaching a pastel yellow, which is pretty cool, though I'm still gonna dye them to match.
The hem on my vest is really weird, but I don't think I care enough about it right now to fix it. It's because I cut the middle back piece shorter than all the rest (somehow) and so I had to switch from one length of hem to another. If that makes sense.
I made my Xweetok ears on wednesday, but I don't think I'm satisfied with them, so I might have to change the design. So far they're on a headband and go over my ears, but my ears make them stick out strangely. I might make a design that's not 2-D so my ears can slip inside of them...but I'm not sure how to manage that.

I'm also trying to cut a sword out of a foam placemat, but I'm not sure I like the texture of the foam after all. Guess I won't know until I have it completely cut out.

I saw my cat a while ago sitting on the edge of the pool and stalking some birds. I told her not to fall in and she looked at me like "as if!". But she fell in last year, so you'd think she'd learn her lesson.

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I attached the trim to my Roy jacket today. While it didn't go particularly WELL, it did not go nearly as bad as I hoped. I'm still not entirely sure how to attach bias tape. For one thing, it seems that for some reason when I fold it over, instead of going nicely over the edge, it folds the edge over. But that wasn't my biggest problem - folding it over, for some reason, does not cover the stitch line from the other side. It SHOULD cover it but...ah.
Well, rather than unstitching the whole thing, I've decided just to paint over the grey stitches that haven't been covered. This whole jacket has been one learning experience after another. BUT the it looks quite fine as it is.

Still have to make the epaulets, add trim to the cuffs, and then add embellishments (still have to attach the cord, and figure out closures for the jacket.

I'm reading The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. It just succeeded in thoroughly breaking my heart, but I've gotten up the courage to continue reading it.

I feel restless, and I don't know why. I will be leaving my house on wednesday, though. Going to class with my bro, and hopefully also getting bubble tea.
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First of all, those new LJ ads are annoying.
But that goes without saying.

I had considered doing NaNoWriMo but I just don't think I have it in me. One of my biggest problems to begin with is low word count, since I always seem to be more concise than is reasonable (and at other times spend a painstaking amount of time describing things that are not at all important). Then there was the problem of thinking if I'd want to start with an idea I already have for something, or come up with an entirely new one just for the occasion.
I feel bad that I have so many characters whose stories should be told, and yet I am making a very very small amount of progress on any of them. I have to face the facts that I will die one day, and it will be a terrible thing if they die with me.

I need to post on my RP with Cassy (after probably 4 months of not doing so), because I've figured the story and it goes on past there. I was wondering whether or not to make it canon within my world, and I think I've settled on semi-canon (depending on how things go). Because a search party containing Taqu and Oura IS sent out to find Himmel. And certain things DO happen when they meet him. And he is not, in fact, dead.

I feel a lack of motivation to do much of anything lately, but that is nothing new. In every single journal I have I ramble about this and it is just lame. Obviously the answer is "do things" and stop whining about it.

I started watching the new season of Dexter, which is very sad and just as affecting as usual. It might be a scary thing how much I identify with him. In other news, I wonder if other people who watch the show actually give a crap about the drama they like to place the other characters in? I don't CARE about Battista and LaGuarda's relationship. I don't care about the newest person Deb is banging (can she work with someone and NOT sleep with them?). Though I do find it infinitly amusing that her and Dexter are married in real life.

My halloween costume was finished in time and came out reasonably well. Now I have to get back to work on my Roy costume for Anime North. I keep putting it off, but the convention is only 6months 24days away, and I really don't want to end up rushing.
"But Rai, over six months should be enough to finish one costume"
But how do you KNOW? I am dreading the pants because I have never, in my whole life, made a decent pair of pants. NEVER. And this is Roy we're talking about, I can't make him look stupid!

In other news, my graduation ceremony is this weekend and I really don't want to go. I'm going to have to encounter all my classmates and I didn't like dealing with them when we were in class together. Why should I have to do it now that I'm free from that place? ARG
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Ok, first of all, tell me Sav and Holly J is NOT happening! Yeah, Declan was kind of an ass, but you can't switch up the pairing RIGHT when I started liking it! Also..Sav is...really dumb now. But Drew and Alli is much squee, so maybe they balance out? I dunno...

In other news, I am getting my name changed and my dad is kinda pissed off. Or well, upset because he picked out my birth name and I'm changing it. "to something weird". I told him I couldn't have a girl's name, but...didn't really elaborate further. And I have a feeling it would NOT help. He's still going to call me the same thing, so why is he upset that I just want other people to call me by my REAL NAME for the remainder of my life. Of course, I know why he is upset. But its my own life and I can't be going around recognized as a girl forever. I need to be who and what I am.

There are a lot of flies in my room, and I don't know why. Its making me very angry.

I painted a picture that maybe I shouldn't have.

Looked into private practices that do chest surgery. Don't think I could go the OHIP way because I'm pretty sure I don't fit into their little box of what constitutes being transgendered. Sorry that I'm not trying to kill myself all the time, or chop my boobs off. Sorry if my sternum is broken and I can't healthily bind for a freakin' year so that you'll be convinced I am not a girl. Guess I'm not trans. Gee, thanks for clearing that up, Gender Clinic.

Sorry, a bit of a rant there.

Roy Mustang cosplay is coming along a lot faster and better than expected. I have a friend who is going as Riza! God, I want to be Roy SO BAD. You have no idea.
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Its all work work work and no play.

Except not, since yesterday I went out and bought (way too much) fabric for my Roy Mustang cosplay. I just need to get over my fear of making the patterns so I can work on it!! *so very excited*
I also learned how to make a welted pocket and inseam pockets. Though, I probably should practice before trying to implement them in the costume. Welted pocket is for the jacket (yes, there IS one there, I saw him use it)
And the others are for the pants, because those also do exist. The stupid pattern I bought (only male military costume pattern seemingly in existance) doesn't include pockets but includes a stupid button-fly? Honestly. Get your priorities straight, McCall's.

I'm at a standstill in my novel because I just wrote a scene that is total crap. Every time I go to that page I can't keep writing because I am so disgusted at this crappy scene I've gotten myself into. I might have to cross it out and write the whole thing over.

Also, I think my nail is close to falling off.


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