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Today I woke up with Linkin Park in my head, so that's all I'm listening to apparently.

I had a strange dream where I dunno... I had a babysitter who was Pocahontas but she got accidentally killed and I had to bury her in my mom's basement, but then because she had died I had to move back in with my mom? (I'm 22 :/) Then my mom took us "out for dinner" to McDonalds, but they were closing soon so the only thing they had left was a steak sandwich which would be really gross coming from McDonalds so I told my mom I would just eat when I got home, and she got really pissed off (how surprising). That's all I remember, other than a part which took place on a roller coaster.

My book came in the mail yesterday and I'm really starting to worry that all my stories are terrible and now two of them are actually published and being inflicted on the world and it is really worrying. That's why I can't let myself read them when I get my copies of the books, because if I SEE them and they suck, then I'll know just how much of my idiocy is out there for the world to see. There are a lot of other really good stories in those anthologies! How will I ever cope when I eventually get a novel published?

I've done absolutely nothing this week, and it feels weird. I should be working on costumes for any of the 4 or 5 cons I'm going to next year. Only I don't have all the materials I need for that yet... or at least not for the parts of the costume I WANT to make. And my costume for the winter cons... I dunno what I'm gonna do about that. I'm cosplaying a genderbend of Abbey Bominable, but I'm trying to decide if I should buy a whole bunch of kids costumes and sew the costume from that (insanely expensive) or if I should paint my own fabric. Then there's the whole problem of finding tights and stuff. Gaaaah. So many things I can't really make on my own for that costume. (And I just spent like an hour looking for certain things to buy... another problem with this costume). Anyway yes, unproductiveness!

I go away on the 25th to BC to see FUN.! my favourite band ever <3 (no seriously) (I have to look at their faces every day)

This has been a pretty pointless entry, but I wanted to post something cause I haven't posted in so long.
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I most dreams where I have superpowers, my power seems to be some form of super jumping ability. Where I can jump really, really high (and inevitably I always end up using it to get around, much like how jumping in a video game is often faster than just walking).

The other night I had a dream that I also had the power of invisibility, and was working for some kind of covert anti-crime agency (though I don't think it was run by any sort of government body). I was to go into the house of a highly ranked member of a criminal organization also filled with people with powers. The woman was ruthless and bloodthirsty; she also had two children and lived in the suburbs.
She was normal at home. A single mother who looked after her kids well with a nice house. She was not in the room most of the time, and I searched through her things for evidence. But her children were there throughout most of the time. When she finally did come into the room, I knew she could tell something was up. People know when they are being watched.
I knew I had to leave quickly, before she realized I was there; because I surely would not live. I made my way to the front door while she was still shaken with suspicion, and slammed it behind me as I left, to scare her further.
That's when my jumping came in. I jumped through the city - noticing the effects of my scare tactic spreading through the ranks of crime - and to my rendevouz point which happened to be in some kind of department store.


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