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Previously I had said I wouldn't make any resolutions this year, because them being resolutions basically gave me complete liscense not to complete them. And perhaps halfway through January is a little late to start thinking about them.
But I've come up with some that would be good.

1. Leave the house at least once a day (checking the mail, or going in the back yard don't count). Exceptions are made for days with very bad weather or when I am sick.
2. Finish reading the bible, because honestly I just want to get it off my Goodreads "Reading Now" list.
Also on Goodreads I resolved to read at least 25 books this year, so, there's that too.
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I attached the trim to my Roy jacket today. While it didn't go particularly WELL, it did not go nearly as bad as I hoped. I'm still not entirely sure how to attach bias tape. For one thing, it seems that for some reason when I fold it over, instead of going nicely over the edge, it folds the edge over. But that wasn't my biggest problem - folding it over, for some reason, does not cover the stitch line from the other side. It SHOULD cover it but...ah.
Well, rather than unstitching the whole thing, I've decided just to paint over the grey stitches that haven't been covered. This whole jacket has been one learning experience after another. BUT the it looks quite fine as it is.

Still have to make the epaulets, add trim to the cuffs, and then add embellishments (still have to attach the cord, and figure out closures for the jacket.

I'm reading The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. It just succeeded in thoroughly breaking my heart, but I've gotten up the courage to continue reading it.

I feel restless, and I don't know why. I will be leaving my house on wednesday, though. Going to class with my bro, and hopefully also getting bubble tea.
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I just finished The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan and I love it. Go read it now.

My school is essentially over, I just have one make-up class with Chef Paul tomorrow. Then all that's left is to find a co-op, though chances of that don't seem too bright...

I have a horrible headache, in case you couldn't tell.

I had a final talk with my communications teacher about my novel, and now I think I'm a little scared to work on it. I think I need to get editing it out of my head until it is actually done. I just need to think about what comes next, since this version is more expanded than the first.
But the thought of all the work I'll have to do after its written is so daunting!

Anime North is THIS MONTH. My costume isn't done, and I think I might have totally screwed it up, too. But I should finish it, so if it IS unsalvageable, I will still have time to make another! I still need contacts and to bleach my hair, too.

Its too hot in here. Arg.


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