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Last night I finished Exodus.
I did enjoy that chapter. It was more narrative than Genesis, and a lot less repetetive. Although, near the end of the chapter it got into tedious descriptions on how to make certain Holy Furniture. But then when they were over, it was like "Then they made the Holy Furniture *repeats exact same description of everything". Kind of a bothersome way to end the chapter. I have not started Leviticus yet, but that is a pretty cool name.

I think that I have decided the Bible is not The Word Of God. As in, it was written by humans, even if it was dictated to them by God. I am trying to decide the nature of the Christian God based on how the text portrays but it is kind of hard. He seems almost bipolar. Or at the very least, human. I think the Christian God is often taken at one extreme or the other when really he is more complicated than that.
Another thing that I learned from Exodus is that there are other Gods.
The Christian God did not say "I am the only God" he said, "I am the only God you should worship. I am the best of the Gods" (paraphrased obviously). He indeed acknowledges the existance of other Gods. Similar things occur in the Quran when whoever is narrating keeps referring to themselves as "we" (the Royal We maybe?). There's other weirdness in the Quran but this journal is long enough already.

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I am going to keep reading, slow as it may be, and try to figure this Bible thing out.


Oct. 23rd, 2008 10:33 pm
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Hmm, I find it amusing when people say they get messages from god, that god told them to do something. Personally, I don't think god(dess) "tells" you anything...I think she gives you the opportunity to realize things on your own...she might show you the path but, you're still expected to do some work of your own.
Still, once I figure it out I thank her for her help. It's always nice to acknowledge the diety for being there. After all, They don't have to help.

Of course I'm bound to think I'm right, but this is just what's working for me. If you find what you're doing really and honestly works for you and brings you peace, then that's fine. That's the point, after all.


Oct. 5th, 2008 06:31 pm
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I've been reading more of my Witch's Ten Commandments book (instead of the reading I need to do for class ^^')
Actually, the book is really good. The best part is the beginning, when it points out everything that it similar in the world's major religions. I just finished a section on Spiritual Centres and Space.
It talked about trying to find spirituality in everyday things, and seeing things as they are...
And not freaking out about things, which helped me :P

"Don't Give In To Social Pretext"
-If you say "how are you?" it should not just be to be polite, you should really be interested in what the person has to say
-Don't judge people before giving them time to show themselves

The thing I really like about Paganism is how it's so open and interchangeable. In all, it's just a sort of idea, and it can be different for everyone. There's very few set "rules" for you to follow.

I might also check out the KW Pagan Temple...but I'm afraid they'll think I'm a total noob about everything so I don't know if I'll go... x_x

And, I want to try making a painting based on this picture:


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