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I feel like updating this but I don't think I really have anything to say, so maybe I think I'll just leave this window open and keep writing as stuff is happening.

I've got sort of a roleplay/mutual story going on with my baguette which sort of stalled around NaNoWriMo because it's not like I could write more words in a day than I absolutely HAD to. But then after that I never picked it back up because I am terrible. I told her that today I would continue it, so I guess I should, but I'm all *shies away from writing*. I guess that I've got until she comes home from school to write it though, so I can waste time with other things until then.

Last night at 1:30am I started doing a 100 piece My Little Pony puzzle. I finished it, though sadly it was missing 3 pieces so it wasn't quite as satisfying. I'm not sure why I'm in a puzzle mood. But all my puzzle boxes downstairs sound suspiciously light so I worry they're missing all their pieces.

I really should be cleaning my room. I started it earlier in the week but now it is a terrible mess. Not as bad as before the fire, of course, but still a terrible mess even by my standards. I should ALSO be working on my costume, and of course the writing. So many things I should be doing but I am not. Story of my life right?
I'm trying to work on filling up my sketchbook and doing some Art Journalling. Because I think sketchbooks like that are really cool, and I think it's also important to keep myself creating things. I don't know what I will do once my sketchbook is full, because it's one I got from the school and I'm not sure if other places carry them. It's bound like a book, with a hard black cover. I have one that is plain and one that I've stenciled the Himmel symbol onto the front of (in silver).

I'm sort of drawing pictures of chestnut trees. Which is, in a way, related to that story I'm supposed to be writing. So this is relevant work.

Painted those pictures in a bit of watercolour, but it's bothersome...I'm doing this on the back of a page that is painted black on one side. Since the watercolour soaks the paper, all it looks like is black, so I've no way to tell if my colours are working out until they dry. Eh. It's experimental anyway.Last night I had tried one of those paintings where you colour with white wax and then do a wash over it. So that just adds another dimension of strangeness to that page.

I have suuuuuch a headache. Uhg. I guess that's what I get for being up til 4am?

Ever read so much that suddenly everything you have to read seems unappealing? I read the first two Hunger Games books in maybe a week? But now I'm all overflowing with reading and I don't feel like picking up Mockingjay just yet. I'm also reading like 1000 other things but I don't feel like reading those either. I might read the ebook I'm working my way through...the Simon & Shuester PulseIt site gives you the option of 4 free ebooks every month. But you only get a set amount of time to read them. This month 2 of them actually look good, so I want to try to get both of them finished. I'm almost 2 thirds of the way through Unwound by Neal Shusterman. It's actually really good...but again I'm all put-off by reading suddenly.

I'm going cosplay shopping tomorrow FINALLY. Anime North is so close and I feel like I have nothing done. It doesn't help that a major piece of my costume is being made by someone else. I'm having a friend's mother knit a sweatervest for me, cause I couldn't find the right one anywhere. But now I feel like that part of the costume is missing.
I need to get the last few things for my Jolteon costume as well as some foam to stuff my Xweetok tail with. That should be interesting. I made a list of things I need to get but it seems like I forgot something (even though I couldn't possibly have).

I think I'm gonna end this journal now cause it's already long and basically is just rambling.
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(Another character blah blah)

Rachel Renway, Grade 11, 16
5’6”, Blonde hair, Green eyes
Intelligent, preppy, popular, kind, fun, secretive, good friend, playful, girly, friends despite cliques, traditional, holds grudges, protective, non-strategic, middle class, normal, loving

Livejournal: Andheartsbaby
Mood: Frustrated
Music: Lonely – Cascada
(Set To Private)

I don’t understand any of the people at school. It’s as if they take one look at me and think I’m a useless cheerleader. And they expect me to act all “Mean Girls” on them? Give me a break. I’m better than that. At least I’ve got some friends in the place. My old school was better. People knew me. They didn’t expect me to be things I wasn’t. What am I supposed to do here? The place is too divided.
Sure there’s the odd person who crosses cliques but the place is pretty much about to break out into a gang war otherwise. Even Kip is into it. Yeah she likes boys from other places and hangs out with me, but if a fight broke out she’d pick the outcast’s side.
Not that I wouldn’t if I had to. I couldn’t let her fight alone could I? Lord knows she wouldn’t stand a chance, even with her tough-girl image (haha).
It’s driving me crazy, this stupid school. I just want to go home. But it can’t be like that since dad got the job transfer. I didn’t want to move here but I guess he’d rather have his career. Wonder how he’ll feel when the school goes into lockdown? I’m not even kidding.
I have to make the best of it for now, and try not to get caught out in the corridors between classes. Some of those Outie boys can be pretty vicious.
I’ll play their game while they’re looking, but they’re not changing who I am.
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((Trying to get more into character for a story I might write. Idea from a long time ago. Also using her as a RP character to help as well. Just some writing from "her" livejournal. I might post more from her and other characters later.))

Kipper Oleander, Grade 11, 16
5’5”, Black hair, Golden hazel eyes
Rebellious, hot-tempered, normal, Popular with “outcasts”, punk/goth/skater, emo music, loyal, immature, violent, weak, tomboy, heterosexual, smart, bad student, reformed.

Livejournal: xwhite.flowersx
Mood: Disappointed
Music: I'm With You - Avril Lavigne

Tonight was Trisha Elmwood’s big party down by the lake. I wish I’d gotten so drunk I couldn’t remember it but there wasn’t time before it happened.
I went with Toby and Rachel, but Rachel wandered off to give us some time alone. It was misty out, everyone was saying how lucky we were it wasn’t raining. Not like Trisha’s parents hadn’t bought her some tents for the party. Must be nice to be rich.
So Toby and I were fooling around, trying to dance and find some drinks, but the place was totally packed. Toby said there’s no place to talk here, he kinda had to shout it just so I could hear him. I agreed and asked him if he wanted to down by water at all. Wait here, he said, and went to get us some drinks before we left. I was happy with him that night. He was cute for a preppy boy, and nice at that. He wasn’t a jerk, which surprised me, and I didn’t expect him to pull any asshole moves on me.
But for some reason he never came back. I waited half an hour and eventually figured maybe he went to the lake. I walked down there but it was dark, empty. Not even any couples making out like there should’ve been. The mist was thicker there but I could see the lights from the party reflecting on the water. It figures Toby would’ve gone off with some other girl. Probably damn Trisha Elmwood with her rich daddy and mainstream clothes. So much for him not being the typical preppy guy. But you know I wanted him to be different so badly that I cried. Its stupid cause we’re not dating we were just hanging out but I didn’t want to be let down.
After that I went up and found Rachel again. She was kinda buzzed but she got my drift and we went home early. She offered to stay the night but I said no, I want to be alone so she left.
Now I’m here typing this out. My parents didn’t ask about the party but I bet they wonder why I’m up here with all the lights out.
School tomorrow won’t be fun and I’m thinking of skipping. But what will Toby think if I hide my face from him tomorrow? Just cause he’s an asshole I’m not gonna give him the satisfaction. I’m gonna go to school and let him know just how much of a jerk he is.



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