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The meaning of my livejournal name is pretty boring. So, I always hated my birth name, so I cycled through a bunch of other names until settling on calling myself Rai. "Rai Ryu" means something like "thunder dragon" in Japanese. I know, naming yourself Japanese is kind of lame if you aren't Japanese, but I can't help it if that's what my identity stuck to. It is certainly better than when I wanted to change my last name to Toriyama, like the creator of Dragonball Z.
Rai Ryu or some form of it is actually my username on a lot of sites. My Runescape character is Rai_Ryu etc.

Also now for some rambling!!
So my water softener was acting up, and so I had to wake up early today to wait for the maitenance guys to show up (although it is hardly waking up if you never slept)
Anyway, the guy gets here, and he's not old and creepy like I expected.
In fact, he is a young fellow that I used to stalk on the bus ALL THE TIME. So I'm trying not to grin like an idiot the whole time, cause I know who he is but he doesn't know who I am.
Sadly I couldn't find a way to get pictures WITHOUT looking totally creepy.
Now my whole house smells like Axe Bodyspray though :/


Aug. 11th, 2010 11:55 pm
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That's what my room smells like. There's one in my yard somewhere and Chloe is scared.

Also I'm a creepy stalker but you already know that.

I have a whole slew of nerdy shirts I want to make
"My other car is The Diplo".
Oh god. I wish I was Cliff.

I was walking to work today thinking about my Roy costume, and suddenly there was water pouring down on me. I was like "RAIN?!!?" but it was some child's sprinkler flying over the fence.
I was very freaked out cause it was hot and there were no clouds...it was shocking to think it was raining for a moment.

I really like DBZ Abridged. So much.


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