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I havennn't really played games in a while because I'm busy with cosplay stuff, but before I got so busy I was really into Final Fantasy X. What makes it so playable to me is the story/plot. I really like the characters, and want to know how things end up. It's also sort of nostalgic for me because I used to play Final Fantasy X-2 when I was younger so I...vaguely know the characters? (I never finished it though, aha...). I took a long break from playing cause I'm at a pretty hard boss :P

I'm also sort of getting in and out of Runescape. There's so much new stuff on there that it's crazy.
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[Error: unknown template qotd] http://yag65.deviantart.com/art/89-190500045 This is one of my favourites because it reminds me of a scene in one of my favourite books. The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper. Will wakes up on the morning of his birthday hearing faint but lovely music, and steps out into a winter world not quite like his own... A scene from the anime Earth Girl Arjuna, one of my favourites. I always liked Juna's Earth Resonance form, and I like the contrast of her fighting power alongside Chris' repeated phrase, "Why do you kill?". This picture is sort of a reminder to me, I guess
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So, my dad works for Home Hardware. Back when Avril Lavigne was first becoming popular, she wore a Home Hardware shirt to one of her concerts (it was actually some little-league soccer shirt from Napanee that HH had sponsored). Anyway, all of a sudden, everyone wants these shirts. And that's awesome for me cause my dad works at the Home Hardware paint factory (in purchasing) and he managed to get me one.
Anyway, Home Hardware has these conventions for every season, to show off new products and stuff. We go sometimes. So we go to one, and I'm pretty sure I'm wearing that home hardware shirt, and when we get in we find out that Avril Lavigne is there to present some charity cheque. So we rush to the room it's supposed to happen in, and it's filled with some other fans (also wearing the shirt) who were all apparently informed so they had cameras.
She didn't say anything, I think she was tired from traveling between shows, but she held up the cheque and smiled, and I was like in the front row in the same ROOM as her. I was a reeeally big Avril fan. Sadly it doesn't really count as MEETING her.

Another time I went to a Christopher Cross concert because highschool students could get the tickets for 5$. He was out signing autographs after the show, so my friend and I waited in line. When we got up he was chatting with us about how we were the youngest people there, and that his own kids thought his music was boring, which was fairly amusing.

And once I cooked a hamburger for the mayor of my city but I don't think he really counts as a celebrity ^^'
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I live in Kitchener, Ontario (which is in Canada).
What I like about it is mostly that I know a lot of the places here. I know good places to go walking around, I'm very familiar with the creek system. I've got places here that I went as a kid...places that I've gone in all sorts of periods of my life. So it's got a sense of history for me, sort of a sense of home. I'm not sure I'd be able to get used to exploring a new city and finding "new places" there. I might always feel like I'm on someone else's territory.

The things I don't really like...the transit system. The buses aren't terrible, but many of them don't even bother coming on time. The online schedules don't match when the buses actually come. Many buses don't run on the weekend and there aren't buses that go to many of the places we want to go (or they go there, but stop running at times like 6pm). So there's no going to see a movie and then busing home.
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I'd like Zelda: Skyward Sword.
And a long list of books :P
I'd really like to read Brooklyn Burning by Steve Brezenoff. But it's only out in hardcover right now, and therefore pretty expensive.
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When I was very young - Go Dog Go by P.D. Eastman.
I think it was because it seemed a lot different from the other kid's books I'd been reading, also had quite a few things I found interesting (though I can't recall them off the top of my head).

Then around Grade 5 it became The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper. I believe it was really my first introduction to fantasy, and I think I was really drawn into the "waking up in another world" type thing. I remember reading Greenwitch afterward, and being made fun of by my classmates because of it (though that really wasn't anything new). Interestingly, I didn't finish the series until my 5th year of highschool. I read the whole series as part of a SpecFic project. It's still up there in my favourites.

Then in gade six (which I still count as being a child), I stumbled upon Animist by Eve Forward. I was in a used bookstore, and my mother said she would buy me one book. I raced to their mindbogglingly large fantasy section, completely unable to choose. Told we were leaving, and if I didn't pick I could have nothing, I grabbed at a book with a wolf on the spine. A skim of the back cover deemed it potential, and so I bought it. Ever since then it has been on my favourite book list - Animals, fantasy, two things I loved at the time. I also do believe it spawned my great love for Grey Morality. It was a wonderful story, set in a very real world - as in the kind you find yourself immersed in.
I also find interesting that it was adult fantasy, and yet I so completely enjoyed and understood it at a young age (or maybe 11 isn't so young?)
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An endless notebook, and something to write with that would never break/run out. I'm just covering my bases here.
I don't think I would mind much being stuch on an island (presuming this one has food/water sources). But we all know I would go pretty crazy and have to write it all down.
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I could probably do it for free (Gods know it would do wonders for my writing and costuming that keeps piling up), but as long as people are handing out free money, I'd pick a nice comfortable sum.
I think withdrawal pains that I would suffer would amount to "Uhhhg I can't procrastinate!" and suddenly having the urge to blog about something and realizing that I can't.
I don't think that I'd be bored, but more that I would have to force myself into things that take more mental and physical effort than staring at a computer screen all day. Which is so haaaaarrrrrd *whines like a child*
I actually wonder if I would get things done in that time, or if I would just find new ways to procrastinate?
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I don't think its possible to say EVERYONE should read a book. Everyone has different tastes, and if you made them read a book you really liked, they might think it's the worst thing ever. Having read quite a few books I disliked, I wouldn't want to force someone to read a book just because I liked it.

Instead I'll mention a couple books that I really liked, and that I think it would be cool if other people really liked them as well.

The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan ([livejournal.com profile] sarahtales)
An urban fantasy novel following the brothers Nick and Alan Reeves, who are being hunted by magicians, and their new friends Jamie and Mae, who have been introduced to the world of magic under unfortunate circumstances. SRB is amazing at writing characters, and I instantly found myself caught up in all the different emotions going on between them. I couldn't put the book down, because if I stopped reading, then I would worry about them. Her writing style is also very easy to get into, and she has a sense of humour that is right up my alley. TDL is the first book in the trilogy, followed by The Demon's Covenant and The Demon's Surrender (which will come out in 2011, though I fully believe it should come out sooner and not make me wait).

The Dark Is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper
I suppose these books are meant for kids, or at least that's the section they seem to be in when I look for them. A set of fantasy novels taking place in England, the later books have strong elements from Arthurian legend. I first started reading this series with The Dark Is Rising, which is in fact the second book (I reread it in the proper order later on). I enjoyed the characters in this book a lot, especially the main, Will Stanton. Will wakes up on his birthday to find that he is part of a race called the Old Ones and that he must help the forces of Light stifle the forces of Dark. I enjoyed how the book followed his journey into becoming an old one and understanding what that meant. The scenes of conflict between the Dark and the Light were full of suspense and the struggle of the Light to obtain objects of power before the others did was full of mystery. I think this series is classical fantasy at its best.
The sequence contains five books, starting with Over Sea, Under Stone.

I will stop there because I realize the Writer's Block did only call for one book, and I have given...eight.
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I wouldn't give up anything to have healthy looking skin. What good does it do you if your skin looks good, but isn't healthy?
My skin is what it is, and I've found its a lot healthier for me to just deal with that fact than it is to go out and buy a bunch of products or try strange new fads to get it to look like "everybody else's".
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I'm not sure that the type of space exploration they are doing right NOW is all that important - but I will admit, I don't have a lot of knowledge about current space expeditions.
I don't think we should be looking for water on other planets. As I've said before, other lifeforms might have developed without the need for water since, well, their planets don't have any.
But I have always had a really nerdy desire for the sci-fi type space travel to be possible. I'd instantly sign up for Starfleet if it existed.

In the end, I think that if the government wants to spend so much money on space, they should at least do something awesome with it rather than shotting missiles into the moon (which, out of pure logic, sounds like a HORRIBLE idea)
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I think mine would be some sort of tragic tale about how our human methods of communication keep us so restricted. I've spent a lot of time thinking how there could be life on other planets, and yet us as humans have not been able to recognize it as such because we use an Earthling's classification of what is "life" or being "alive".
And while I know it has actually been done quite a few times, its a story type that I really find fascinating.
Perhaps the twist of the movie would be that in fact, the monsters are the humans; we destroy something just because we do not consider it to be, or realize that it is, alive.
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"Will I ever fall in love again?"

I feel like it's kind of a cop-out question to ask. I know there are so many variables that could go into the answer that, it might not be anything more than a "maybe". But I want to know if I'll be stuck in this mindset forever.

Mind you, a close second to this is "Where can I go so nobody will ever bother me again", the answer to which is probably "The grave".

So in reality, I'm not really sure what I would ask.
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"There is a secret that we keep
I won't sleep if you won't sleep."

"Your name is pounding through my veins"

from The Secret's in the Telling by Dashboard Confessional.

"Yogoreta kono tede dare wo daku?"

from Layla by Glay

"I'm not coming back
I've done something so terrible
I'm terrified to speak
But you'd expect that from me
I'm mixed up, I'll be blunt, now the rain is just
Washing you out of my hair
and out of my mind
Keeping an eye on the world,
From so many thousands of feet off the ground, I'm over you now
I'm at home in the clouds, and towering over your head"

from Remembering Sunday by All Time Low

"tsuyogatte kizutsuita
kokoro sukashita you ni"

from Hologram by Nico Touches the Walls
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I wish I had a job as a writer. That's pretty much the biggest thing I would wish right now. Its weird, because I'd never imagine I would have a wish that had anything to DO with a career! But I really don't see it as a career thing...its more like just being able to achieve my dream.

How would it improve my life? Well, I would be far ahead towards my dream. And I would have a job doing something I love.
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It depends who the person is, and how much they meant to me/how long our relationship was/ etc. etc.
Rest assured though, no matter what, tonnes of crying is involved. I'm a huge crybaby when it comes to relationships, really. Of course, applicable songs that will fuel said crying usually are added to the mix.
I take a lot of walks, make a lot of blog/journal entries. Sometimes I will try reading or something to distract myself, but it usually doesn't work.

The best thing I've found to help with getting over relationships is time. The more time you have, the more thinking you can do. I often realize things that I hadn't before, and find how that particular breakup works into the grand scheme of things. With a distance of a few weeks, months, years...you can see things that you didn't before, that make you realize that some things were supposed to end, even if you didn't want them to at the time. And if you're still there to think about that, then it can only look up from there.
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If it is a WELL WRITTEN and interesting story, then I don't mind fanfiction in general. I used to write it myself, but it was neither of those things. I don't generally like romantic fanfiction, though, mostly because it interferes with my own pairings and a lot that I've seen are just filled with sexual things (I am not interested in that).

I think that I prefer a fanfiction that has a plot other than romance, just cause its more interesting to me. That said, I'm sort of working on an Adam Lambert fic where Tommy Ratliff is in love with him *ahem*

A little thing that bothers me is wondering what the creator intended for the characters when they created whatever is being fic'd about. I know if I had made something, and people started shipping bizzare characters together, I might be just a little bit disturbed. I prefer when fanfics are written more IN character.

There are certain pairings too that I can't break from.
Like...I will never accept anything other than EdxWinry or RoyxRiza.
And...I will never, ever like a fanfic that pairs Sheldon romantically with ANYONE.
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13. Because kids younger than that should be GETTING A LIFE rather than wasting all their time on the computer.
Also, before that age, what reason do they really have to be socially networking with people anyway?
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If my 12 year old self saw that I was, in fact, still here, I think they would be upset. It would mean my "delusions" of somehow travelling into another dimension had not yet come through. They might, however, be pleased to see that I'm not still trapped in my mother's house, and despite everything that's gone on since I left, I became so much more happier. I think that would give them relief.
They might also be disappointed that I did not remain faithful to a certain someone for all of eternity, but I think they might grow to understand about that.

As for other things, I can't really comment on whether I'd be happy about where I am now, as my younger self never thought about having a future here.
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In no particular order, as of late they would be:

1. Other worlds/universes and the existance thereof.
2. Characters and writing
3. Fullmetal Alchemist (nerdy though that may be)
4. College (as in, how much time I'm wasting on it/if I am even going to pass)
5. What on earth do I even want to do with my life, and how will I go about achieving it once I find out?


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