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First of all, those new LJ ads are annoying.
But that goes without saying.

I had considered doing NaNoWriMo but I just don't think I have it in me. One of my biggest problems to begin with is low word count, since I always seem to be more concise than is reasonable (and at other times spend a painstaking amount of time describing things that are not at all important). Then there was the problem of thinking if I'd want to start with an idea I already have for something, or come up with an entirely new one just for the occasion.
I feel bad that I have so many characters whose stories should be told, and yet I am making a very very small amount of progress on any of them. I have to face the facts that I will die one day, and it will be a terrible thing if they die with me.

I need to post on my RP with Cassy (after probably 4 months of not doing so), because I've figured the story and it goes on past there. I was wondering whether or not to make it canon within my world, and I think I've settled on semi-canon (depending on how things go). Because a search party containing Taqu and Oura IS sent out to find Himmel. And certain things DO happen when they meet him. And he is not, in fact, dead.

I feel a lack of motivation to do much of anything lately, but that is nothing new. In every single journal I have I ramble about this and it is just lame. Obviously the answer is "do things" and stop whining about it.

I started watching the new season of Dexter, which is very sad and just as affecting as usual. It might be a scary thing how much I identify with him. In other news, I wonder if other people who watch the show actually give a crap about the drama they like to place the other characters in? I don't CARE about Battista and LaGuarda's relationship. I don't care about the newest person Deb is banging (can she work with someone and NOT sleep with them?). Though I do find it infinitly amusing that her and Dexter are married in real life.

My halloween costume was finished in time and came out reasonably well. Now I have to get back to work on my Roy costume for Anime North. I keep putting it off, but the convention is only 6months 24days away, and I really don't want to end up rushing.
"But Rai, over six months should be enough to finish one costume"
But how do you KNOW? I am dreading the pants because I have never, in my whole life, made a decent pair of pants. NEVER. And this is Roy we're talking about, I can't make him look stupid!

In other news, my graduation ceremony is this weekend and I really don't want to go. I'm going to have to encounter all my classmates and I didn't like dealing with them when we were in class together. Why should I have to do it now that I'm free from that place? ARG


Oct. 23rd, 2006 07:01 am
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I never seem to write here anymore since this stopped being my emo-blog XD
BUT I don't want to bother the ppl on dA with another journal!!
I'm going to just post a journal, of RP rambles...heeheheheheheh *ends stupid-sounding laugh*

*squee* first on the happiness agenda...Terra kissed Clayyy~! <33
It was cute, cause, he's never actually been kissed before <3
And of course, since it was Terra =D
And I was obviously hoping for it to happen too!! I was thinking "aw, she should kiss him..."
=DDDDD <333

And Cassy said Lykaio might be jealous during the legend thingy at Mai's party...(Ok, wait, that does not sound good O_O)
I hope she doesn't get too jealous. Cause then she might get mad. And then, she might leave.
Very tempermental, Lykaio...

OH! and, Misae and Trisha :)
There was this one point, when I was SURE Misae was gonna tell Trisha how she felt! But she didn't! *shakes Cassy* what's wrong with yoooooou?!
Aw, but now Trisha's kinda worried. Cause Misae has been acting slightly...cold? to her? Has anyone else noticed?
Have you noticed, Cassy??!?!?!? *shakes her again*
Yes, but poor Trisha thinks Misae might be mad at her u_u
Yes Trisha, you do like Misae >:D you're just in DENIAL *muhahahaha*

which brings me to the subject of Carmine! Taki better not be mean to him. Cause he's a tad clingy...well, like, he tries to be around her as much as he can...well don't get mad, Taki D: because now he's actually paying attention to you
He's never had anyone to huggle before, so, don't get mad when he huggles you *sailor moon cry*
Carmine: *reputation is ruined*

AND, my poor Sky, still rather depressed :(
But really, he's happy that Carmine's with Taki. Because Carmine's much happier.

Hey, I if wonder in this RP Carmine should ever end up telling Sky about his past.

OH, back on the subject of Carmine! Just cause he's happier cause he's with Taki, doesn't mean he's not totally screwed up in the head, thinks he's a slave, murderer, etc...
So Taki, fix him plz kthxbye

Ok, I think that's it for my ramble~
I'd be surprised if anyone actually got any of this o_o


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