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My sewing machine is fixed! I had to sop up all the oil the guy added to it, but it is in just as good a working order as it was before it broke. I guess it stands to good reason that it jams so much because the inner workings are all plastic.

In any case, I finished the fly for my pants. I completely improvise with how to do it, and think it turned out as it should have. Very good for my first time, at least. Waistband got on with only minor problems, but I didn't have to stitchrip it (although I did accidentally sew the fly closed at one point, and had to fix that ^^'). They are slightly loose, I suppose. But with a belt it should be fine.
Tomorrow I will work on belt loops, or possibly attaching the button to the front (Or both?!). I think I've found a way to make the buttonhole function on my machine actually work. At least, with it newly repaired, it's as good a time as any.

Realized I might have to seriously re-order things in FMM and it's making me feel overwhelmed. I feel I introduce a certain important event too early, but maybe not. If I could get someone to read it and tell me what they think, that would be helpful. But like that will happen!
So yes, I am taking a little break and writing some short stories and focusing on just writing for myself, without worrying if things are in the right order :P

I just started chapter 2 of Villains By Necessity by Eve Forward. Very pleased so far. It's worth the 40.50$ I paid for it, in any case. Better than the 70$ I originally saw it priced as. But I am striving to take very very good care of it, because it does count as a rare book.

I have school tomorrow, and I do believe that none of my clothes are clean. Ah well, I will figure something out.
I have had the urge lately to get a mohawk again. In related news, I'm trying to think of my drag persona (or if I even have the courage to do a drag performance on my own!). Trying to think of how to construct a believable fake goatee, that can be easily applied and saved for another use. I have some hairs left over from when I first cut off my emo bangs way back when I first shaved my head.

I feel like I am so many different people, but I don't know how to be all of them at once :/
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I've had a headache all day. I am not pleased.

Made the prototypes for my pants today. Turned out well, even though my patterns were unspeakably rough. Going to start on the actual pants tomorrow. The basic pants shape is simple enough, but I just worry about the fly/waistband/belt loops. ESPECIALLY the belt loops. My sewing machine does not like sewing through layers of things.

Then it is butt-cape time, and the belt has me worried. We'll see how that goes.

My downstairs is a total mess - old sheets, newspapers, fabric everywhere. My dad mentions it sometimes, and I'm always like "It's because I'm making something!", as if that was reason enough.

I've been going back on Second Life lately, and realized I'm just as alone and inept on there as I am in real life. So much for their spin about "living the life you want".
Hard enough to find a place that even has PEOPLE, let alone people I want to talk to.

I saw The Green Hornet the other day. The Hornet himself was not too pleasing, but Kato (Jay Chou) was quite wonderful. I liked that neither of them wound up with the girl in the end. I don't know...refreshingly out of the ordinary for a movie. Now I am going to have to get back into Jay Chou's music.
Also, I had a very strange experience of my contact lense rolling to the back of my eye, and popping out the side. Um...weird. But I'm going to have to order those kind anyway.

I have a great deal of things to make before Anime North.
It is very close to being only four months away.
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So, I already have my one goal for this year: Get my jacket finished by the end of January, and get the rest of the costume finished by AN (of course).

But...should I be so bold to...have the goal to finish this draft of my novel by 2012? Sh-should I be so bold?
Considering the substantial lack of progress I've made on it lately, it seems not probably to be achieved, but if I made the goal, perhaps it would motivate me?
I need to dedicate some good time to thinking about this fricken' story first. I decided I wanted it to have more plot points, since the first one is much too short and there's not enough buildup. However, when I made this plan, I forgot to specify what these plot points were. Thinking, thinking and envisioning things is required.

In other news, I keep going to bed far too late. I'm surprised I woke up before noon today.

I'm waiting for a book in the mail. It had better come. I finally caved and bought a copy of Villains by Necessity by Eve Forward.
But I have bad luck with having things delivered to me...

Costuming today. Think I will finally make the epaulets. Maybe the rank bar too. And then writing tonight - because it really just is procrastination.
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On that thing with the writing topics.

I'm watching Bones right now...the first time I've ever watched it. It's hilarious! I might get around to watching more of it.

The new season of Pretty Little Liars started. Emily came out to her parents...I know, I'm not generally interested in the show for the side-plots, but that one kept me curious. To me being outed or coming out doesn't seem like such a big deal - maybe its just because of my own experience, but even if your parents are mad at you they will get over it.
Although right now the whole "A" thing seems pretty overblown. Like the later seasons of Prison Break. Or maybe I'm just becoming disgusted by the Mr. Fitz storyline.

I've been working on my costume a lot lately...trying to get the jacket finished by the end of the month. I'm just adding the trim and then the epaulets (which I'm having to make separatly because they're going to be detachable so I can dress as other characters without having to unstitch things). The trim is annoying me right now because I might not be doing certain parts right (namely the corners). I'll go back to work on it tomorrow.

I've been playing a lot of Legend of Dragoon lately, I restarted it a little while ago. I'm almost to the part where I was before!
It's been freezing every so often, Cassy was going to lend me her PS1 so that it would work, but she can't find all the cords yet.
I need to remember to also play FF8 so I don't forget where I am.

I wrote some of my novel today - exciting! because I have hardly written anything in the longest time. Probably didn't amount to much but that's alright. I'm writing a scene now that I know has to be there, I'm just not sure about WHEN its supposed to be. I might as well do it now then I can just stick it in wherever it needs to be.

For some reason I keep getting the feeling that there's something I really wanna do, but whenever I do something that's just not it...

More Games

May. 16th, 2010 06:36 pm
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Even after resurfacing, my Legend of Dragoon disc doesn't work, so I am very sad. I'll have to keep my eye out for another copy (and it helps that my best friend works at a game store)

I just started playing Star Ocean: Til The End of Time.
I think for the first time I exclusivly support a pairing OTHER than what is intended by the game (since I'm assuming Fayt and Sophia are supposed to end up together). But...Cliff is so blatantly in love with Fayt. And they would be cute together. And...Sophia doesn't know how to zip up her pants. So I support my decision.
There was a little boy in the game that looked like Justin Bieber, too.

In any case, that's probably all from me. I have an appointment tomorrow for contact lenses for anime north. Still have to work out the back on my costume, make a template for my face tattoo. And dye my hair (I did buy the hair dye).

I'm going to spend all my money there.
And I STILL don't have a job.


May. 10th, 2010 09:46 am
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I actually did something :P
I've got an appointment booked for a contact lense fitting next week, which is a good thing I did it NOW before they ran out of spaces before anime north.
Now I just need to finish a bit of sewing on my costume, bleach my hair, and make a template for the face tattoo.
I'm so exciteddd. Then once I get the costume finished I can even try to work on some tiiiiny flaws in it.

NEXT year, I'm not gonna try piecing together a bunch of different actualy outfits, and I'm actually just going to start from scratch. I'm sure it will be a lot easier.

Also, I heard some people find Miley Cyrus's new video "Too sexy" or something...I didn't see anything wrong with it (and I see things wrong with a LOT of videos). Maybe they're just upset that her face came very close to those of a...questionable gender. Also, bird-person costumes will probably always make me biased.


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