Jan. 30th, 2014 12:21 am
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Things I need to research for two upcoming stories:

Hermaphroditic sea creatures
Different types of intersexism
Cloud formations
Composition of the moon Europa
Effects of another planet's moon blowing up
Development of transgender children who start HRT around puberty

Mostly I just needed a place to keep the list.
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Short-term goals for this month (December since November is practically over)
-Get my SIN card updated so that I will at least have the ability to apply for jobs
-Finish my Amestrian Army jacket
-Make some progress on a writing project

I hope those happen, although I've grown an aversion to leaving my house so the first one might be hard.

I had a long phone conversation tonight in which I actually talked and expressed myself at least vaguely well. I never talk on the phone, so I am still shaking with fear as if I had just given a speech. But the person I was talking with is a friend of mind who is a very nice person, so it was not as hard as talking to someone else. I may be hanging out with them tomorrow which will be another first for me.
I worry about the kind of things I should say to people and how open vs how closed I should be.

I got some books from my Grandad's house this weekend. A lot of war books - oddly enough, as much as I'm against war, I am so fascinated by it. A lot of my characters/storylines deal with war in some form. So I want to learn more about it, or at least the wars that have existed in our world.
I also got a couple books by Isaac Asimov. A book on our solar system, which amuses me greatly, and a book on extra-terrestrial life. Also things that very much interest me.
I'll have a lot of reading to do which is kind of daunting, since I'm trying to tackle the bible right now, but at the same time it is exciting because I'd like to learn these things.

Anyway, I thought I had more to say, but I don't really. Which is probably good for you.


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