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So I was in a drag show last night and I don't really think I did all that well. I'd had all these plans in my head for what I was doing, but when I was actually up performing I was all disconnected from the song and the performance so everything was really just random and lame. People said I did good, but it's not like they'd tell me if I did badly, lol.
The song I did was What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. And all day I've been watching their video for One Thing and coming up with all these crazy shipping theories in my head. I didn't want to fall for the trap, but it seems like I have! I am terrible.
My current theories are that Zayn is head-over-heels for Louis, but Louis is only stringing him along, because he's in some sorta semi-secret relationship with Harry (but he doesn't want anything too serious). Nial is swooning for Zayn but Zayn doesn't even notice him because he's too busy with Louis. Liam is the straight one and that's fine (since he's got a girlfriend and all). See, see how terrible I am? I also still seem to think that all bands live together in a giant house.

It's kinda sad cause my Baguette's phone got disconnected so I can't text her anymore to ask how she's feeling and stuff. I get all worried, lol ^^' cause I'm sort of a sap, I guess.
But I've also been feeling all antisocial lately and I'm not sure why. I'm going to try applying for university soon, too.

I might try to submit a story to a new anthology that is coming out, but I just have to motivate myself to finish it in time (in addition to making costumes lmao). It's an anthology of asexual romance stories, and I'm not really the best at pure romance stuff, so we'll see what happens. At least I have an idea now.

My room is a terrible mess, even for me, but I'm gonna blame it on Anime North being so close. I'm working on cosplays so I can't clean! Totally the truth!
Right now my Xweetok tail is sitting on my bed and I should probably put it back in the closet so it doesn't get full of cat hairs and stuff...

Cheryl is making me call her in a bit which is irritating because I do not like the phone -_- but she always insists on it.


Aug. 2nd, 2010 09:38 pm
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Why am I a shipper now?

The latest are:
Ke$ha/Miranda Cosgrove
Enrique Iglesias/Pitbull

If you see the video for I Like It...its pretty obvious. Especially how, at the end, Enrique walks out of a club full of scantily clad women and sits on the curb, looking sadly down and fiddling with his bracelet. A gift from Pit, no doubt.
Come on Enrique, Ricky Martin came out. Its about time.

Also I wish I hadn't known beforehand that the trans character on Degrassi is trans. It would have made a much nicer surprise if I had been introduced to the character as completely male.
Also Eli looks very much like my brother.


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