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Last night I finished Exodus.
I did enjoy that chapter. It was more narrative than Genesis, and a lot less repetetive. Although, near the end of the chapter it got into tedious descriptions on how to make certain Holy Furniture. But then when they were over, it was like "Then they made the Holy Furniture *repeats exact same description of everything". Kind of a bothersome way to end the chapter. I have not started Leviticus yet, but that is a pretty cool name.

I think that I have decided the Bible is not The Word Of God. As in, it was written by humans, even if it was dictated to them by God. I am trying to decide the nature of the Christian God based on how the text portrays but it is kind of hard. He seems almost bipolar. Or at the very least, human. I think the Christian God is often taken at one extreme or the other when really he is more complicated than that.
Another thing that I learned from Exodus is that there are other Gods.
The Christian God did not say "I am the only God" he said, "I am the only God you should worship. I am the best of the Gods" (paraphrased obviously). He indeed acknowledges the existance of other Gods. Similar things occur in the Quran when whoever is narrating keeps referring to themselves as "we" (the Royal We maybe?). There's other weirdness in the Quran but this journal is long enough already.

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I am going to keep reading, slow as it may be, and try to figure this Bible thing out.
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You know something I hate? When websites are SO CONCERNED for your account safety that they force you to add crazy combinations of capital letters, symbols and numbers into your password. The result is something you could never remember, and would have to write down anyway - taking away any percieved benefit to account security! I'm sorry, website, but I really don't care THAT much about my account, although you seem to.


I said I was going to do things today but now that it is today, I don't know what to do. I want to write, but I am not sure about it. I don't want to turn out some more crap (though if I actually start writing, chances are it will turn out fine).
I am thinking of submitting something to a new magazine which is starting, but I am also unsure because I don't know which pieces of mine are applicable or good enough to go. A writer who I admire/am a big fan of actually replied to my comment concerning this, so I feel I must at least give it a try.

I finally finished Genesis. I'm hoping there will be less offspring-lists in the following books, but all in all I enjoyed it. Usually when I start reading something, the bookmark moves through the pages with great speed. Not really so with the bible. I have read so much and made very little progress at all!

My arms hurt because I was cutting things up all yesterday. My bottle seems to have been stuck at the same level for ages, though I've increased my quota. Filling the last little bit is always the hardest, because it doesn't mix as well, and the contents keep settling.
I've already started collecting stuff for my next bottle. I don't know if I'll go back to using small ones, or keep up with the giant bottles. The small ones are easier to store, but I worry it will not feel as satisfying after having one as big as my forearm.

People have suggested that after this one I start making a bottle of each colour. It sounds interesting, but it is really hard for me to cut things of the same colour up over and over.
I told myself I wouldn't cut things today, so I need to find SOMETHING else to do!
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I want to post more, but it is funny because nobody reads this. I have never been good at making friends u_u

Yes, for some reason I had myself convinced I did something today, when really, nothing of the sort happened! Sure, I did laundry, but that can hardly count as doing something. And I did remove all the dishes from my room, but given the amount of other stuff in here, it hardly makes a dent.

I've been playing the game Lux Pain for the DS. After I had bought it I looked at reviews that gave it a bad rating. But I'm really enjoying it, actually. It also probably helps that the character designs are very swoon-worthy, but the subject matter is right up my alley.
There is a character who I really hope becomes friends with the character I play. It's kind of silly how emotionally invested I am in their interactions.

It snowed today, which pretty much makes me the happiest person ever. None of it stuck, but its getting to be about that time!

I was an idiot, and I drank a cup of coffee. I am all jittery now. I feel like I am nervous when I am actually not. I won't be able to sleep, which is not good since I have to deal with graduation tomorrow.

Supernatural comes on tonight and I am SO EXCITED. But also so heartbroken. Because, well you know. I feel bad for Dean.

I am reading the Bible. Quite understandably, it is going slowly. I think that it is amusing that as I read I realize "So THIS is what that TV show referenced!". I think usually it is supposed to be the other way around. There have been some really good parts so far, and also some boring parts. I constantly worry that my version of the bible is not the coolest one. But I do like the footnotes; they open up a lot of different interpretations. I am not finished Genesis yet. I'm looking forward to the parts with Jesus (my heart aches for him). I seem to have more empathy towards characters in books than actual people.

Everyone who knows me is not surprised by this.


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