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On that thing with the writing topics.

I'm watching Bones right now...the first time I've ever watched it. It's hilarious! I might get around to watching more of it.

The new season of Pretty Little Liars started. Emily came out to her parents...I know, I'm not generally interested in the show for the side-plots, but that one kept me curious. To me being outed or coming out doesn't seem like such a big deal - maybe its just because of my own experience, but even if your parents are mad at you they will get over it.
Although right now the whole "A" thing seems pretty overblown. Like the later seasons of Prison Break. Or maybe I'm just becoming disgusted by the Mr. Fitz storyline.

I've been working on my costume a lot lately...trying to get the jacket finished by the end of the month. I'm just adding the trim and then the epaulets (which I'm having to make separatly because they're going to be detachable so I can dress as other characters without having to unstitch things). The trim is annoying me right now because I might not be doing certain parts right (namely the corners). I'll go back to work on it tomorrow.

I've been playing a lot of Legend of Dragoon lately, I restarted it a little while ago. I'm almost to the part where I was before!
It's been freezing every so often, Cassy was going to lend me her PS1 so that it would work, but she can't find all the cords yet.
I need to remember to also play FF8 so I don't forget where I am.

I wrote some of my novel today - exciting! because I have hardly written anything in the longest time. Probably didn't amount to much but that's alright. I'm writing a scene now that I know has to be there, I'm just not sure about WHEN its supposed to be. I might as well do it now then I can just stick it in wherever it needs to be.

For some reason I keep getting the feeling that there's something I really wanna do, but whenever I do something that's just not it...
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I want to post more, but it is funny because nobody reads this. I have never been good at making friends u_u

Yes, for some reason I had myself convinced I did something today, when really, nothing of the sort happened! Sure, I did laundry, but that can hardly count as doing something. And I did remove all the dishes from my room, but given the amount of other stuff in here, it hardly makes a dent.

I've been playing the game Lux Pain for the DS. After I had bought it I looked at reviews that gave it a bad rating. But I'm really enjoying it, actually. It also probably helps that the character designs are very swoon-worthy, but the subject matter is right up my alley.
There is a character who I really hope becomes friends with the character I play. It's kind of silly how emotionally invested I am in their interactions.

It snowed today, which pretty much makes me the happiest person ever. None of it stuck, but its getting to be about that time!

I was an idiot, and I drank a cup of coffee. I am all jittery now. I feel like I am nervous when I am actually not. I won't be able to sleep, which is not good since I have to deal with graduation tomorrow.

Supernatural comes on tonight and I am SO EXCITED. But also so heartbroken. Because, well you know. I feel bad for Dean.

I am reading the Bible. Quite understandably, it is going slowly. I think that it is amusing that as I read I realize "So THIS is what that TV show referenced!". I think usually it is supposed to be the other way around. There have been some really good parts so far, and also some boring parts. I constantly worry that my version of the bible is not the coolest one. But I do like the footnotes; they open up a lot of different interpretations. I am not finished Genesis yet. I'm looking forward to the parts with Jesus (my heart aches for him). I seem to have more empathy towards characters in books than actual people.

Everyone who knows me is not surprised by this.

More Games

May. 16th, 2010 06:36 pm
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Even after resurfacing, my Legend of Dragoon disc doesn't work, so I am very sad. I'll have to keep my eye out for another copy (and it helps that my best friend works at a game store)

I just started playing Star Ocean: Til The End of Time.
I think for the first time I exclusivly support a pairing OTHER than what is intended by the game (since I'm assuming Fayt and Sophia are supposed to end up together). But...Cliff is so blatantly in love with Fayt. And they would be cute together. And...Sophia doesn't know how to zip up her pants. So I support my decision.
There was a little boy in the game that looked like Justin Bieber, too.

In any case, that's probably all from me. I have an appointment tomorrow for contact lenses for anime north. Still have to work out the back on my costume, make a template for my face tattoo. And dye my hair (I did buy the hair dye).

I'm going to spend all my money there.
And I STILL don't have a job.


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