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Ok, first of all, tell me Sav and Holly J is NOT happening! Yeah, Declan was kind of an ass, but you can't switch up the pairing RIGHT when I started liking it! Also..Sav is...really dumb now. But Drew and Alli is much squee, so maybe they balance out? I dunno...

In other news, I am getting my name changed and my dad is kinda pissed off. Or well, upset because he picked out my birth name and I'm changing it. "to something weird". I told him I couldn't have a girl's name, but...didn't really elaborate further. And I have a feeling it would NOT help. He's still going to call me the same thing, so why is he upset that I just want other people to call me by my REAL NAME for the remainder of my life. Of course, I know why he is upset. But its my own life and I can't be going around recognized as a girl forever. I need to be who and what I am.

There are a lot of flies in my room, and I don't know why. Its making me very angry.

I painted a picture that maybe I shouldn't have.

Looked into private practices that do chest surgery. Don't think I could go the OHIP way because I'm pretty sure I don't fit into their little box of what constitutes being transgendered. Sorry that I'm not trying to kill myself all the time, or chop my boobs off. Sorry if my sternum is broken and I can't healthily bind for a freakin' year so that you'll be convinced I am not a girl. Guess I'm not trans. Gee, thanks for clearing that up, Gender Clinic.

Sorry, a bit of a rant there.

Roy Mustang cosplay is coming along a lot faster and better than expected. I have a friend who is going as Riza! God, I want to be Roy SO BAD. You have no idea.


Aug. 2nd, 2010 09:38 pm
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Why am I a shipper now?

The latest are:
Ke$ha/Miranda Cosgrove
Enrique Iglesias/Pitbull

If you see the video for I Like It...its pretty obvious. Especially how, at the end, Enrique walks out of a club full of scantily clad women and sits on the curb, looking sadly down and fiddling with his bracelet. A gift from Pit, no doubt.
Come on Enrique, Ricky Martin came out. Its about time.

Also I wish I hadn't known beforehand that the trans character on Degrassi is trans. It would have made a much nicer surprise if I had been introduced to the character as completely male.
Also Eli looks very much like my brother.


Jul. 21st, 2010 01:34 am
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YES, DeclanxFiona actually happened. I knew it would as soon as I saw them. Twincest, the final frontier.

So I just saw the new Degrassi movie, which aside from making me actually LIKE Declan AND think him and Holly J were a good couple...kind of grossed me out.
I think I had kind of forgotten that Jane cheated on Spinner with Declan. Jane and Spinner are my Degrassi OTP pretty much. When her and Holly J started talking about it, my gut just wrenched...I KNEW what was going to happen. Its Degrassi after all. I almost had to stop watching - I didn't want to see Spinner have to go through all that. And then with the Dot burning down...I was expecting Degrassi to go on one of their suicide arcs...but no.
He randomly married Emma :/
They got drunk and got married in Niagara falls, then when they sobered up and came home they decided they were ~madly in love~ and things just got worse from there.
I actually feel kinda sick thinking about it.
I wonder how Emma's actress feels about the way her character has changed over the years. I used to really like Emma back when she had principles and stuff. Then she became kinda...wtf.

In any case this new season of Degrassi is looking promising, despite me not knowing half of the new characters' names and not caring about them at all. I'm sure it will be better now that I actually like Declan, and hopefully he doesn't do something to mess it up. Holly J has also had a LOT of character developement since she was first introduced...I used to really hate her.

Degrassi is getting their first transgendered character this season, an FTM named Adam. I am super excited and happy about the whole thing. I can't wait to see what they do, and I hope they can pull it off well. I guess I just feel really happy...because now teens that are going through that same thing will have a character like them on TV who isn't played for laughs. I also like how they chose an FTM, since a lot of male "crossdressers" are shown on TV, and I think it would be less effective. People don't often take "men in dresses" very seriously and I think it might be easier for them to watch the show and get the message if its an FTM. I'm just so happy Degrassi got this subject matter.
Aside from that, there also seems to be a lot of exciting arcs starting that I can't wait for. Thankfully, the episodes are going to be on MuchMusic's website so I will not have to really MISS them while I'm at work.

Also I never thought I would listen to this song but it was in the DeclanxFiona scene.


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