Oct. 12th, 2008 10:04 am
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I know I have a lot of homework to do, but it's such a lovely day!

Since I am very close to being finished my painting, I've decided that once I'm done with it I will go out and take a walk.
And when I come back, I'll have some pictures of the walk and also probably of the painting. :)

Today is going to be a good day, I decided.
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I've been reading more of my Witch's Ten Commandments book, and it's really good. Today it talked about the influence of thoughts/words on the world around us and how we lived our life, and also on how to be more positive and greatful for things.

So, taking it's advice today, I was actually able to have a good time when my family came over for thanksgiving. I actually, for once, enjoyed their company. Of course, I'm very tired out right now, just from the work of socializing, but it was fun.
Don't expect me to do it all the time though :P

Andway, I ate a lot of tasty things, and there's still some left over. I need to work on my homework now D:
But my painting's almost done :)
I think it looks very nice

Then sushi monday <3 awesome

I'm in a very religious mood.

BAWWWWK! Fat thanksgiving turkeys!!

zomg happy

Nov. 15th, 2006 08:41 pm
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Yes, very much happy X3
Even though last night I was all emo about Carmi, but then Cassy came online, and we RPed xD
See, it was Mai's party~
and everyone has dates X3
So I got to be happy for all of them, lol. Lykaio is happily watching Kiros pwn everyone in arm wrestling xD
And Clay and Terra <3333 they were all huggy <333 and he's so happy she's back~ X3 <333
So majorly happy about that~
Emily was making clay statues in art today, and everyone kept saying clay...and me, being in happy Clay mode, was all like "Clay!?"
And then Mr. Fallaise walked in and was like "are you doing clay?" and Emily was like "yes", and I was like "NOOOO!!!" *clutches Clay picture*

And Trisha and Misae...cuuutest couple ever X3 even though they're not a couple yet. But Trisha's so cute when she's clueless <3 and all the time <3

and I got some really funny/stupid movies of Derrik being Derrik...lmfao.

We were talking about how I should get my own talk show, and just rant about stuff...and I said that I could have Laura be my guest, every day XD
"And today's guest is my bro Lawrence! Again! SCORE!"

ew, today this guy sat beside me on the bus and he smelled like man DX ewww
I've realized that I hate men :/
like, a lot

mm, I have this nice smelling hand towel, the kind you get in restaurants. mmm <3

But today was, and still is so far, a happy day :D

Now, if only Cassy would come online and RP with meee~


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