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We leave in less than a week, so I've been finishing up some costume things and packing slowly. Still not done with the packing, still not done with the costumes (although I am very close). The last minute things to do always seem so rushed even though I probably have enough time to do them in.

My dad wants to pain the deck today although I feel like I should be doing things more productive for AN stuff...although I think mostly I'd just be tempted to watch more Avatar. It started out as something to tide me over until the next episode of Legend of Korra came out, but then I watched like 2.5 seasons in around a week and I realized that might not be the best plan. It takes so long for the episodes to come on Nick.com (although maybe I could watch them somewhere else?). Anyway now I've only got 6 episodes of Avatar left and that's not gonna last me til anything! If I'm really good I won't watch any more until AN is over. Buuuut...

I have a William Shakespeare keychain but I can't find it anywhere. I was gonna put it on my bag for AN (along with all my other keychains and pins that are on there already). I apparently have a one-track mind. Or maybe two-track if you count Avatar as well.

I need a new contact case and solution. My old case still has a pair of old contact lenses rotting in it and that's probably not safe for my eyes XD

My room is cleaner now. Still not clean obviously but at least the floor isn't a giant pile. Still has things on it, but they don't count as piles anymore. My dad wants me to clean up my sewing room downstairs, but that's gonna have to wait.
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I keep listening to music from when I was in grade 8-ish and it makes me want to write about my characters from that time, even though I can't since they're roleplay character. I mean, I could always write out their backstories and stuff. But so much exciting stuff happened when they were in the roleplayyy~

Tonight if I am good, I will maybe finish the ears for my Xweetok costume.
But am I good...?

Went to the doctor's with my Baguette today. She apparently has a B12 deficiency and I'm reading up on it on Wikipedia and freaking myself out. Probably not a good idea ^_^''

It seems that I've got a very busy week, and Anime North seems to be flying up toward me at an alarming pace. I need to pack, and go shopping for supplies, and obviously I need to finish my costumes. AAAH.


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